With their broad range of knowledge and experience, our consultants can design customized education programs and related materials that effectively train client personnel on the required subject matter while incorporating our clientís own processes, procedures and timetables. One component of Valoitís custom training services that sets us apart from others is the familiarity and understanding our consultants have of current regulatory standards for training. Taking advantage of our expertise, clients emerge from a Valoit training program with a thoroughly documented course according to FDA guidelines; a complete set of documentation for students including certificates of completion, test grades and results of practical exercises; and the ability to modify training materials as needed from the foundation Valoit provides.

Our approach to developing and delivering custom training programs typically involves the following  steps:

  • Discuss requirements with supervisors
  • Read and critique SOPs and incorporate them into courses
  • Develop training modules and present in a professional format
  • Conduct classroom training
  • Create written tests on material presented and enforce requirement for a passing grade
  • Develop practical, hands-on exercises for students to demonstrate understanding of learned concepts
  • Document list of attendees, test grades and results of their practical exercises
  • Ensure client knows how to manage/update materials and documentation
  • Return as needed to update materials and train new personnel

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