Network Qualification Services

The objective of the network qualification is to implement effective procedures and controls, catalog and verify engineering documentation, demonstrate key function performance, validate security and data integrity, and demonstrate compliance to applicable federal regulations.

Valoit’s approach to Network Qualification is to standardize network component hardware and configurations, generate accurate up-to-date documentation, and to improve performance and reliability.

Valiot understands that a company must be compliant, but needs to keep their business running without overly restrictive procedures. We apply a common sense approach using risk analysis to determine where detailed procedures are needed, and where they are not. The IT environment is dynamic; and traditional qualification and validation practices are not easily applied.

It is Valoit’s strategy to qualify configurations of hardware and software that will be procedurally replicated within our client’s network infrastructure and have an impact on systems that require computer system validation. The resulting IQ testing of procedurally replicated network components, based on qualified configurations, can then be reduced.

We can provide assistance with all aspects of the Network Qualification process including:

• Project Planning

• Reviewing Specification & Design

• Implementation & Configuration support

• Risk Assessment & Test Planning

• SOP development

• Qualification Protocol Development & Execution

• Maintenance

• Decommissioning

We won’t just tell you what’s wrong – we’ll help you get it right!

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